ancillary equipment

When it comes to helping your employees safely and simply perform a wide variety of lifting, moving, securing, and/or processing of finished products, let our industry knowledge work for you and your staff.  Our custom-developed ancillary equipment is designed to pair directly with our OEM equipment or can be revised for use with your existing equipment.

handling equipment

roll handling

No matter what your shafted or shaftless application process entails, finished wound rolls can often be unsafe for one employee to handle alone. We have several options to safely and ergonomically help an individual handle this task such as barriers that keep operators safe during the roll-building process, or cradles that aid in the offloading of heavy or bulky rolls.

shaft handling

No matter what your handling needs are AMD has a solution. With industry-proven designs that focus on safe operation, we provide superior machine functionality while keeping your facility process needs in mind.  Our industry-knowledgeable engineers and resources provide integrated ancillary solutions to help make your life easier.

core cutters

All of our designs keep operator safety and customer flexibility in mind.  We offer serval core cutting options from simple manual operation to semi-automatic control.  Depending on your company’s needs, we have economical solutions designed to work with cardboard and polyethylene core stock.  Some of our basic features include easy to set and read core length scales, intrinsically safe two-handed blade actuation, and a heavy-duty workbench that is included with all cutters.

rotary screens

The North Screen is a rotary, self-cleaning, gravity-type filtration unit that has served industry for over 60 years. In the pulp & paper industry, North Screens have been an industry staple in removing solid wasted materials from lakes, streams, or rivers resulting in clarified water that can be treated by secondary processes for use in mill facilities.  AMD is the intellectual property holder of North Screens and continues to provide new rotary screens, replacement parts, and service.


AMD offers multiple shafted and shaftless unwind stands to accommodate a broad range of sizes and capacities. Our versatile designs range from lightweight to heavy duty construction and can handle web widths from 12” to 300”.  We offer custom stands equipped with numerous features and control functions that will meet all your production needs.


With production volumes on the rise, our customers rely on quality equipment that runs and performs day in and day out.  Machine longevity is a top priority within our packaging options.  We have production volume packaging equipment that has been in operation for the last 15 years with only simple upkeep and minimal issues.  Whether it is just a production line add-in or full packaging line, our machines are built to last.

laser core positioning

Are you looking for ways to decrease set change over time, increase product consistency between shifts, or simply provide more ergonomic machine operation for your operators? The AMD-developed L.A.C.I. system allows operators to position a full web worth of cores without the use of core spacers, tape measures, marked shafts, or positionable measurement aids. L.A.C.I. is the next generation of laser-assisted core indications. It allows operators to place cores across full machine rewind shafts as quickly as they can align them to the calibrated laser marks without the need for flagging or waiting for moving laser heads. Gone are the days of individual core positioning!

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We are part of a family of web handling specialists; each with unique skills gained over years of experience. Together, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace; from tissue, plastic films and nonwovens to heavy gauge embossed metal and everything in between.

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