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Part of our machine triage philosophy is our on-site services that help ensure the repairing, rebuilding, or upgrading of specific equipment fits seamlessly into the customer’s operation.  While some issues can be resolved over the phone or via email, nothing is more efficient at getting to the root of an issue like seeing it in-person.  Our on-site services allow our engineers a better way to evaluate our customer’s equipment and incorporate that information into an audit. From equipment solutions and customer training to web issue consultation, we are here to help. 


Just like the medical field the first step in triage is understanding your current condition.   This is no different with-in the life cycle of your equipment.  Our machine triage auditing process is our way of evaluating your equipment’s current condition.  This allows our engineers and customers to get a better overview of the condition of your equipment.   From Equipment Operations to Machine Risk Assessments we have a diagnostic process to better understand your equipment’s current status. 


Some equipment conditions or web handling issues are easy to spot and treat others require a trained eye and years of experience.  We possess a diverse and wide-range of technical background in web-based roll to roll processes for paper, film and non-woven media.   We have been able to help many customer’s diagnosis and treat a wide verity of winding, slitting, web-handling equipment issues. 


 Prior to any training event, we review our regular training guideline with our customer’s production and/or maintenance personnel to ensure we are covering your detailed points of interest and incorporating them into our training session.  From machine operator training on all AMD or REM Manufacturing equipment to maintenance/safety training on most converting and Pulp & Paper equipment regardless of manufacturer. 

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We are part of a family of web handling specialists; each with unique skills gained over years of experience. Together, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace; from tissue, plastic films and nonwovens to heavy gauge embossed metal and everything in between.

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